The Pannonia Golden Ring Foundation was founded by the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood in 2010 for supporting the young winemakers, and was announced for the first time in 2011 as a tender for the new generation. The „Pannonia Golden Ring and Cup” is handed over for two years, and the founders’ aim was to support young, talented winemakers in their early career, who are already making valuable wines, so that their name and work gets presented to both professional and consumer circles.

The youth can apply for the tender with a wine made by themselves and complete tendering material. The award is a ring made of 14 carat gold and a cup. The winners can keep the ring, but the cup finds his new owner every two years, since the award is handed over for a two-year period.

Besides professional recognition, the foundation would like to support the new generation in other ways as well. The winner, thanks to the supporting organizations, individuals and media, gets personalized awards such as professional courses, media appearance or internship in a foreign or domestic winery.

In the first round, the members of the Board of Curators evaluate the wines in a 100 point system via blind tasting, and all above 80 points are qualified for the next round. In the second round the submitted tendering materials get evaluated and in the end the tender with the highest score wins the Pannonia Golden Ring.

This award provides a great chance for those young and talented winemakers, who did not have the means to emerge before.

The winners:
2011: Csaba Sebestyén
2013: Mihály Figula ifj.
2015: Ákos Keresztes
2017: Zoltán Heimann ifj.