Activities of the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood

In the summer of 2004, 12 women decided that the most effective way to contribute to the Hungarian wine culture is to found a wine sisterhood. Therefore, the foundation of the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood dates back to 2004. The main goal was to help the commercialisation of quality Hungarian wines and to introduce them to a broader audience.

Since then, the enthusiastic members of our Wine Sisterhood organize plenty of wine evenings, wine dinners and conferences, where the Hungarian wine regions and its winemakers get promoted.

Each year we host a dinner for honouring the „Winemaker of the Year”, where our flagship wine is chosen. Several members of the Wine Sisterhood are certified sommeliers, wine judges and wine experts. Anybody could technically be a member of our Wine Sisterhood, who is not afraid of the exciting work related to promoting Hungarian wines.

We have been co-organizers of the Hungarian Wines’ Ball for 8 years, which traditionally takes place every year, thus confirming our commitment to Hungarian wines, winemakers and traditions.

Our most important programs:

Our official introduction to the public took place on 18th September 2004 in Gyöngyös, on the event called „ vintage for diplomats”. We presented the goals of our Sisterhood to the heads of Delegations accredited to our country and their families, as well as to the members of the media. We asked the diplomats to spread the reputation of our excellent wines in their own countries.

Since 2004 we organize annually a dinner for honouring the „Winemaker of the Year”.

In 2005 we planned and executed a conference in Szentendre, titled „Wine regions in Hungary”.

In 2006, we invited the main representatives of Hungarian winemaking to Visegrád, to discuss the best practices for our wine marketing strategy. Hence, we contributed to the birth of „Wine Marketing Ltd.”, which has also been founded at this conference.

Since 2007 our Wine Sisterhood organized the selection of the very own wine of Szentendre town.

Since our foundation we regularly arrange wine shows in Hungary and abroad.

In 2008 our council took part on the FICB (International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods) general assembly in London, to familiarize itself with the work of the federation and to study the organization of the event.

In 2010 we worked together with the Association of Hungarian Wine Brotherhoods to organize the FICB general assembly in Hungary.

As part of the cultural program of the wine festival at Buda Castle, we were hosting multiple times the parade of the members of the Association of Hungarian Wine Brotherhoods.

In February 2013 we were co-organizers of the Hungarian Wines’ Ball for the 8th time. The event provided an excellent opportunity for the winemakers and the wine-loving public to meet each other, supported by exquisite gastronomy, marvellous wines and wonderful programs.

Furthermore, we support every social event that is in line with our goals. We happily take part as an organizer, participant or supporter.

Therefore, we started collecting donations for renovating the castle of Krasznahorka in December 2012, supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts by organizing a cultural event, including a charity wine auction.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both Slovakia and Hungary, HE Miroslav Lajcak and HE Dr. János Martonyi were the patrons of this event. The donations have been complemented by our wine Sisterhood, and the sum of 20.000 Euros was handed over to the mayor of Krasznahorka. This donation will be used for the casting of the bell of soul - which has completely been destroyed - and the renovation of the recreational park below the castle.