Professional conference, about vinery of Somló-hegy (15-17th of July, 2016.) Our report can be read here


From the 8th of July 2016 the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood promoted Hungarian wines and Hungary in Santa Rosa, Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, California. One higlight of this program was the „Wines of the World” exhibition, where we presented 7 wine regions through a wine of a local wine maker. The event included tasting as well, where the head of the vice-consulate of San Francisco also attended.

Besides the wines, brochures received from Turizmus Zrt. have also been presented to the almost 200 participants, who arrived from 12 different countries. Lots of them intended to travel to Hungary, so they were pleased to be directly informed of our country, the wine regions and the gastronomy.




On the 9th of October 2014, the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood held its traditional dinner for honouring the „Winemaker of the Year”, Éva Gálné Dignisz.

A special emphasis to thishigh-spiritedevent wasgivenby the factthat, in2014, for the first time in its history, theHungarian WineAcademy elected a femalewinemaker of the year.

This highly important dinner was held at the Radisson BLU Béke Hotel, together with the inauguration ceremony of the WineSisterhood.

Enikő Győri, Hungarian ambassadorin Spain, and Helga Gál, the wine expert of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, were in augurated as honorary members, and the singer Ákos Kovács was inaugurated as supporting member, who improvised a breathtaking performance accompanied by dinner’s live act, Vivat Bacchus.

The Pannónia Wine Sisterhood was founded 12th July 2004. In 13 November 2014, the 10-year anniversary of our existence was celebrated with our friends and sponsors in a memorable evening with a dinner at Radisson BLU Béke Hotel. In the dinner participated all, who believed and had faith in us from the first moment, and who, acknowledging our work, became our sponsors in the past few years. In 2004, when the Wine Sisterhood was founded, we decided to work in order to promote the high quality Hungarian wines and wine makers, and protect the cultural heritage of the Hungarian historic wine regions. In the past decade we have demonstrated our commitment towards Hungarian wines, and our work will be carried on in the future with the same devotion and enthusiasm.

Invitationto tender foryoungwinemakers
Pannónia Golden Ring Foundation

The „Pannónia Golden Ring Foundation”,foundedbythePannonia WineSisterhood,announces a tender foryoungwinemakers.

Fordetailsaboutthe tender pleasevisitourwebsite here(klikkel a Pannónia Aranygyűrű Pályázat cimhez idejutni)

8th December 2014. Monday 7pm

Winedeliverypoint, hours:
Weaskyoutodeliver4 bottlestothe Betonút ZRt. Office building’s reception (59-61 Pannónia Street, 1133 Budapest,Between 1st and 8th of December 2014., between 7am and 7pm.) OnthepackagePleaseindicatethefollowing: „Pannónia Golden Ring Foundation”

Deliveryaddressforsubmittingthewrittentendering material:
An email feedbackwillserveas a finalconfirmation of receivingthe tendering material.

Assessment, decision:
January 2015

Announcement, awardceremony:
February 2015 in a ceremonyinprescence of thepress..

Incase of questionspleasecall 06-20 9617 101 or email us: