The objective of our wine sisterhood is to get acquainted with our wine regions, and the work of the winemakers. For this purpose, we visit a wine region and its wineries every year.

Our goal is double: on one hand to personally get to know the winemakers, their work and wines, and on the other to present them the work of our wine sisterhood. All trips have good atmosphere and the team-building effect gives a special added value.

Our yearly trips:
2005 Wine region Eger: Tamás Pók, Thummerer Winery
2006 Wine region north and south Balaton: Konyári Winery, Figula Winery, József Laposa
2007 Wine region Villány: József Bock, Ede Tiffán, Attila Gere
2008 Wine region Tokaj: Márta Wille Baumkauff, Áts Károly Royal Tokaj, István Szepsy, János Árvay
2011 Wine region Szekszárd: Tamás Dúzsi, Ferenc Vesztergombi, Takler Winery, Heimann Winery, Bodri Winery
2012 Balaton Uplands: István Jásdi, Borbély Winery, Nyári Winery, Sándor Tóth
2013 Wine region Sopron: Tibor Molnár, Franz Weninger, Enikő Luka, Kálmán Jandl, Kurt Taschner
2015 Wine region Sopron Eger: Thummerer Pincészet, Gál Lajos, Gál Tibor Fúzió Élménypince, Dr. Lőrincz György
2016 Somló: Kreinbacher Birtok, Somlói Vándor Pince, Kolonics Károly Pincészete, György-Kovács Imre Pincészete
2017 Szekszárd: Heimann Birtok, Mészáros Pál, Németh János Pincéje, Vida Borbirtok

Besides getting acquainted with our wine regions and winemakers, we pay special attention to building international relations.

We like the serious way how other countries’ wine brotherhoods relate to wine culture. Those wine brotherhoods, forming an association, organise a congress each year. During those great professional events, the participants also receive a serious insight into the organising country’s culture. Each congress is organised by a different country’s wine brotherhood, which is an enormous effort.

The Pannonia Wine Sisterhood joined the FICB, the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods, in 2010. In the beginning the FICB met on a yearly basis, however, lately the international congress is organised every two years. The 2010 event was held in Hungary, and our Wine Sisterhood played a key role in the preparations. The Congress and the accompanying programs were considered to be very well organised and of high quality.

The Pannonia Wine Sisterhood participates in the January FICB assemblies in Paris with a lot of enthusiasm, and is an active participant of the international congresses. We took part in the congresses in London 2008, in Toulouse 2009, in Serbia (in Belgrade and Novi Sad) 2012. Currently we are preparing for the 2014 Congress taking place in Reims, home of the champagne.

Besides the ability to get in touch with wine brotherhoods coming from the most famous wine regions of the world, the Congresses of FICB also provide a great opportunity for promoting Hungarian wines within the „Wines of the World” program. During this event, where all counties present their best wines, Hungarian wines, without exception, have reached unanimous success in each congress.

Since 2010 we have been in close contact with the Gastronomy Brotherhood of Madeira, by mutually taking part in each other’s events.