Information for candidates

Dear candidate,

Welcome to our Wine Sisterhood! In this section we will provide you with all relevant information about our Wine Sisterhood and recruitment procedures, in order to help you to decide whether you really want to be a part of our world.

The Pannonia Wine Sisterhood for Hungarian Winemaking was founded on the 12th July 2004 and originally consisted of only 12 members. Now we have 19 regular, 8 supporting and 5 honorary members.

Our love towards wine and wine culture led us to the creation of the Sisterhood. We would like to actively support Hungarian wine makers, improve Hungarian wine culture and boost its reputation. Our committee consist of both professional wine makers and people simply passionate about wine. Above all, the most important aim is to have fun in a good company with a glass of wine.

For our Wine Sisterhood, a continuous self-education is very important, in order to broaden the knowledge of the historical wine regions. Therefore, we get to explore the viticulture of the Hungarian wine regions during our yearly trips where we get to know the local winemakers who contribute to the improvement of our wine-making practices.

We promote wine culture at numerous social events. Furthermore, several times a year, we organize events that serve as a link between gastronomy and winery - the harmony of food and wine. We are proud to have organized the Ball of Hungarian Wines for 7 years.

In order to endorse Hungarian winemaking abroad, we try to visit a foreign wine region every year. There, we not only get to explore the local viticulture, but also do our best to promote the Hungarian winemakers, their excellent wines and the Wine Brotherhoods they belong to.

It is possible to join our Wine Sisterhood as a regular, supporting or honorary member. Membership should be requested by submitting a completed and signed entry form. In case a legal entity would like to join the committee, a certificate should be attached to nominate a person who may act as a representative in the Wine Sisterhood.

In order to apply for the regular membership, the support of at least two founding members is required. This will be followed by an oral presentation in front of all the members. During the trial period of one year, the applicant should actively take part in the work of the wine Sisterhood before becoming an official member. During this period, unless her professional activity relates to wine or gastronomy, the candidate should participate in trainings recommended by the Wine Sisterhood on her own cost. This one-year period should be enough for both the candidate and the Wine Sisterhood to get to know each other and to understand whether or not they can work together. The candidate will be able to observe the work of the Wine Sisterhood, to understand the financial implications derived from the events organized by the Sisterhood and to evaluate whether she has the necessary free time to actively participate. A unanimous decision of the membership is required to become a regular member.

After one year of candidacy the new member is inaugurated during a ceremonial wine dinner.

All regular members of the Wine Sisterhood have a garment designed by S. Hegyi Lucia, which have to be bought by the new member herself.

We are looking forward to your application in the near future,

Your Wine Sisterhood