We support every social event that is in line with our social goals. We happily take part as an organizer, participant or supporter.

In February 2013 this event has been organized for the 8th time, a tradition that strengthens and celebrates the world famous Hungarian wines. A social event in which wine fans are keen to participate every year – not only to enjoy the greatest Hungarian wines but also to benefit from high-class entertainment.

Since the year 2010 we pay special attention to charity on each ball, to serve a noble cause by supporting an organisation or an individual in need.

The Castle of Krasznahorka, located in Slovakia, 6 kilometres from Roznava, suffered huge damages during the fire of 10th March 2010. This shocking incident initiated the contribution of thousands of people to the restoration of the castle. Therefore, a charity wine auction was organized in December 2012, whereby we managed to donate 20 000 EUR for the casting of a bell and the renovation of the park below the castle. The Wine Sisterhood could only reach such a great achievement under the patronage of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and Hungary, Miroslav Lajcak and Dr. János Martonyi, to whom we are eternally thankful to.

The „Pannonia Golden Ring and Cup” was founded by the Pannonia Wine Sisterhood to support young and talented winemakers. It also serves the purpose of recognizing young talents, and giving them an opportunity for publicity. Therefore, we founded an independent Board of Curators, whose members are considered to be among the most recognized experts of Hungarian viticulture. Every two years the Pannonia Golden Ring and Cup is handed over by the Board of Curators to the most promising young winemaker, who earned this award by their professional creed and work.


Year 2006: 20.000.- Ft. MBOSZ donation (Wine Sisterhood Album)
Year 2007: 9.000.- Ft MBOSZ new book donation
Year 2008: 30.000.- Ft Zonta CLub Budapest City Association
Year 2010: 500.000.- Ft. Bátor Tábor Foundation
  10.000.- Ft. The Hungarian Association of Wine Brotherhoods
  100.000.- Ft. Hungarian Business Leaders Forum
Year 2011: 70.000.- Ft. Katolikus Charitas
Year 2012: 500.000.- Ft. Szeretet Misszió Nővérek Rend
  500.000.- Ft. Istvánné Nagy Ferenc individual
Year 2013: 20.000.- € Krasznahorka City Council